Trees at the Meteor 2018

For the first time, The Great Pumpkin Carnival Team decided to enter a tree into Trees at the Meteor to spread the pumpkin goodness.


The first step was to paint all the dried out pumpkins we had on hand.  Which was more time consuming than we thought it would be.


Once painted in their base coat of orange, the pumpkins were decorated in a variety of designs.

To display the pumpkins a tree was made up using Redwood and black pipe covered in green crepe paper.

We put it all together and once some Christmas lights were attached we had the best pumpkin Christmas tree (quite possbily the only one) in all of Hamilton.


 A big thank you to everyone that helped out in creating or supplied us items to create our tree.


And everyone else that came along to view our creation.  We are going to have to put our thinking caps on to see what we can up with next year.