The 11th annual Great Pumpkin Carnival was held today.

With some early showers in the morning, we were lucky the weather stayed good for another great pumpkin event.

With lots of things to see and do, we received a lot of very positive comments.

New NZ Giant Pumpkin Record

Tim Harris was back this year with another mammoth of a pumpkin ready to get onto the scales. Would it beat his current NZ record? Or would his son Alex beat him.

The results were in shortly after the pumpkins were lifted, placed onto the scales and all the straps removed.

Tim had beaten his old record of 808kg, and set a new NZ giant pumpkin record of 844.5kg.

Alex beat his personal best with a pumpkin coming in at 702.5kg

Well done to them, and everyone else that entered one of the many categories we have on offer on the day.