Hello pumpkin fans, we hope you are well.

Traditionally, we distribute our giant and miniature pumpkin seedlings each year at the Scarecrow Festival, and also have them in the Hamilton Gardens Info centre.

We usually sell these for a small price. Any money we make gets put back into the Carnival and helps cover some costs it takes to run the event.

With the uncertainty of Covid and level changes, the scarecrow festival was cancelled for this year. And the information centre can’t handle cash at level 2, and isn’t open in level 3.

We Made a Decision

The Carnival Committee decided we would grow giant and miniature seedlings this year. But this time we would offer them for free.

Yup, free giant and miniature pumpkin seedlings. We’d love to find a home for every single seedling.

Free Seedlings Offer

  • 1 x miniature and/or 1 giant seedling per person
  • You may have to do a contactless pick up from the Glenview area
  • We may do a pumpkin run and drop seedlings off in the immediate Hamilton area – dependent on availability and time.
  • Once they are gone, they are gone.
  • We reserve the right to limit qty’s if needed

For the school groups out there, we will be in touch very soon and organise your seedlings when alert levels allow.

How to Claim Your Seedlings

Please get in touch via our contact page if you are keen to grow, and we will allocate some seedlings for you.