2019 Raffle Winner

2019 Raffle Winner

Winner of our raffle at The Great Pumpkin Carnival 2019 which was proudly items donated by Mitre 10 Mega Hamilton was Caitlin.3

Well done, and thanks to everyone that bought a ticket.

What Now Kid Cam Reporter Wanted

What Now Kid Cam Reporter Wanted

We are looking for someone to be the What Now Kid Cam Reporter from The Great Pumpkin Carnival.  All the info of what would be required is below, if you know someone that can help us out please get in touch.

It would be ideal to have a child who has entered the giant pumpkin growing comp who can share their personal story .. but then also just get among all the great stuff happening on the day!

Basically we need a child aged around 10-12 (usually) with some big person support to film on an I-phone or go-pro or similar.

Kid cams need 3 things:

Intro: nice and strong full of energy and down the camera.

Content: All sorts of action: Talking to people, nice big wide views, show and tell, close-ups and exclamations.

Outro: Thanks for watching see you later down the camera

OK – here are the basics:

The big things are to remember are:

  • We need strong high-energy presenters to do an intro and outro looking at the camera!
  • They need to film on ipad, phone or go-pro.  (iPhone settings: 1080p HD 30 fps)
  • Keep it nice and steady and landscape (phone sideways)
  • Important!!!  Get close-ups, reactions and some big wide crowd shots.
  • Be careful not to muffle the sound!! Take the go-pro cover off to avoid a silent microphone!

Suggestions: This is not a rule book and your child may have MUCH better ideas J

INTRO ON CAMERA: Hi I’m .. and I’m here at The Great Pumpkin Festival in Hamilton!!


Nice big wide shots: Lots of people have come from all over ….

The festival celebrates …

Plenty of action…

Please give us lots of options crowd shots .. games, eating, fun.

I have entered the pumpkin growing competition ..

Tell us about it .. how long did it take .. what is your secret…?!

Show us ribbon .. results .. the biggest ones there etc etc ..

Talk to people .. why are you here?

Talk to kids .. why are you here?  What’s the most fun?

Talk to an organiser .. is this a record turn out. What’s the best part of the day>?.

Big long/wide shots

OUTRO ON CAMERA: This was such a great day …. thanks for watching my kid-cam!! See you next time!!


Road Closure Notice

Road Closure Notice

There is a planned road closure on the 30th and 31st of March (the weekend of the Carnival) as work continues on the last section of the Wairere Drive extension.  A section of Cobham drive will be closed.

Both gates at Hamilton Gardens however WILL BE OPEN

But there is a detour in place as shown on the map below.  Please take this into consideration when travelling during those dates.

Free Packet of Seeds for Every Entrant

Free Packet of Seeds for Every Entrant

Many events wouldn’t be what they are without the help from many organisations or companies, our event is no different.

We’ve had support from Yates over many years of the Carnival and this year they are helping us out again.  Thanks to Yates we have a whole bunch of seeds we will giving out to everyone that enters on the day*

*While stocks last

Kiwi Gardener Article

Kiwi Gardener Article

It is always great to get a mention of the Carnival, and with all of the digital platforms these days it feels even more special when we get into some print articles.

Kiwi Gardener did a great article on the Carnival and can be found on page 90 of March 2019 edition, if you want a good read and love gardening pick up your copy today.

Trees at the Meteor 2018

Trees at the Meteor 2018

Trees at the Meteor 2018

For the first time, The Great Pumpkin Carnival Team decided to enter a tree into Trees at the Meteor to spread the pumpkin goodness.


The first step was to paint all the dried out pumpkins we had on hand.  Which was more time consuming than we thought it would be.


Once painted in their base coat of orange, the pumpkins were decorated in a variety of designs.

To display the pumpkins a tree was made up using Redwood and black pipe covered in green crepe paper.

We put it all together and once some Christmas lights were attached we had the best pumpkin Christmas tree (quite possbily the only one) in all of Hamilton.


 A big thank you to everyone that helped out in creating or supplied us items to create our tree.


And everyone else that came along to view our creation.  We are going to have to put our thinking caps on to see what we can up with next year.