Date of 2021 Carnival and AGM Date

Date of 2021 Carnival and AGM Date

We are pleased to announce the date of the 2021 Carnival.

And our AGM is coming up as well

If you’d like to help out either on our committee or as a volunteer on the day, please get in touch.

Winners of the 2020 Pumpkin Creation Photo Contest

Winners of the 2020 Pumpkin Creation Photo Contest

Voting ended last night and we had over 1000 votes across all the photos.

Here are our winners across our 3 classes

Well done everyone, and thanks to everyone that entered.  All of the entries were amazing.  Thanks to everyone that voted as well.

2020 Pumpkin Creation Photo Contest

2020 Pumpkin Creation Photo Contest

As you know we cancelled our 2020 great pumpkin carnival event.

While this is definitely a bummer for us and all the pumpkin fans out there, we decided to put together an online competition so people could do something fun with their pumpkins, no matter the size or shape.

The 2020 Pumpkin Creation Photo Contest

One of the great things to see at our Carnival is the amazing pumpkin creations.

You can create, take a photo and submit it to our competition.

We’ve got 3 categories you can enter:

  • Open Class
  • Schools
  • Family

We’ve got prizes which include Hoyts movie vouchers, Waterworld passes, Yates products and I’m sure we can rustle up some more.

Competition Dates

You can upload from right now until the 29th of March, then voting will open from the 29th right through to the 5th of April.

So get creating, submit your photo.  And get ready to share your photo and get your friends and family to vote.

And… because we know that there are a lot of pumpkins around that couldn’t make it to a competition we’ve opened this up so anyone in NZ can enter.

So make sure to spread the word.

All the rules can be found on the competition page.


Cancellation of the 2020 Great Pumpkin Carnival

Cancellation of the 2020 Great Pumpkin Carnival

With the latest news from the Government that events of 500 or more people should be cancelled the committee has decided to cancel the 2020 Great Pumpkin Carnival Event.

This is a bummer for all involved, but keeping the community safe is important for everyone.

What we are doing instead

We know that growing a giant pumpkin is a massive undertaking and something people take great pride in. Not knowing what your pumpkin weighs in the end is a bummer.

Pumpkin Weighing
We’ve decided to offer the weighing of giant pumpkins for people that want to know how heavy they are.

  • This will be happening on SUNDAY the 29th of March
  • It will not be happening at Hamilton Gardens
  • The only thing that will be happening is weighing of pumpkins – nothing else

If you are keen to get your pumpkin weighed, please get in touch. We will then give you all the details closer to the time of where this will be occurring.

Pumpkin Creation Photo Contest
We’ll also be running an online pumpkin creation photo contest. Where you can submit a photo of your pumpkin creation. Voting will be on our website and we will have prizes for the winning entries.

More information will come out about all of this very soon. We are currently working things out, as you can imagine we have a lot of things to un book and un organise.

A massive thank you to everyone involved. From sponsors, volunteers, friends, family, committee members and everyone in the pumpkin community. Without you we would not have The Great Pumpkin Carnival.

And even though we are skipping 2020, we will be back for 2021 with all of the pumpkin fun.

If you have any questions please do get in touch via our contact page.

NZ’s Official GPC Weigh Off Site

NZ’s Official GPC Weigh Off Site

We are pleased to announce we are the only official GPC (Great Pumpkin Commonwealth)weigh off site in New Zealand for the 2020 growing season.

This is a big deal in the giant pumpkin world. Top growers bring their giant pumpkins to official GPC weigh off sites around the world, which all adhere to rules set out by the GPC.

Every pumpkin weighed is submitted to the GPC to be entered in the 2020 stats for the year.

For more information about the GPC visit their website Here, or to read the weigh off site rules which can be found here

New Location for 2020

New Location for 2020

The Great Pumpkin Carnival is on the move.  Still at Hamilton Gardens, but for the first time we will be holding out event on the Governors Green.

Located at the end of the temporary car parking found on the right hand side at the bottom of the Gate 2 entrance.

The committee is excited about this new location and what it offers:

  • Better flow for people and vehicles
  • Great space for everyone to enjoy the day

We’ll have lots of signs up on the day pointing you in the right direction.  Make sure to let anyone know that is coming along on the 29th of March, Governors Green, Hamilton Gardens.