With the latest news from the Government that events of 500 or more people should be cancelled the committee has decided to cancel the 2020 Great Pumpkin Carnival Event.

This is a bummer for all involved, but keeping the community safe is important for everyone.

What we are doing instead

We know that growing a giant pumpkin is a massive undertaking and something people take great pride in. Not knowing what your pumpkin weighs in the end is a bummer.

Pumpkin Weighing
We’ve decided to offer the weighing of giant pumpkins for people that want to know how heavy they are.

  • This will be happening on SUNDAY the 29th of March
  • It will not be happening at Hamilton Gardens
  • The only thing that will be happening is weighing of pumpkins – nothing else

If you are keen to get your pumpkin weighed, please get in touch. We will then give you all the details closer to the time of where this will be occurring.

Pumpkin Creation Photo Contest
We’ll also be running an online pumpkin creation photo contest. Where you can submit a photo of your pumpkin creation. Voting will be on our website and we will have prizes for the winning entries.

More information will come out about all of this very soon. We are currently working things out, as you can imagine we have a lot of things to un book and un organise.

A massive thank you to everyone involved. From sponsors, volunteers, friends, family, committee members and everyone in the pumpkin community. Without you we would not have The Great Pumpkin Carnival.

And even though we are skipping 2020, we will be back for 2021 with all of the pumpkin fun.

If you have any questions please do get in touch via our contact page.