The Great Pumpkin Carnival committee is happy to announce the date for the 2023 carnival.

Sunday the 26th of March 2023

The event will be held at the familiar location of the Rhododendron lawn at Hamilton Gardens.

The Great Pumpkin Carnival 2023 Event Date Hamilton - 26th March 2023

The Great Pumpkin Carnival is a fun family event where people can celebrate the amazing pumpkin.

From the super cute miniature pumpkins, to some of the heaviest pumpkins ever grown in New Zealand.

Don’t forget the amazing pumpkin creations as well.

If you want a fun day out. Want to enter one of our many pumpkin categories put the 26th of March 2023 in the calendar now.

All the information about the event can be found right here on the website.

If you have questions about anything related to the Carnival, please get in touch.