Please find common questions and answers about the Carnival.  If you have a question not listed below please get in touch via the contact page or hit us up on Facebook.

What Date is the Carnival?

The carnival is traditionally held near the end of March each year, it’s date can vary due to school and Easter holidays.  The date of the next event when known will be displayed on the home page of the site.

Where is the Carnival held?

The Great Pumpkin Carnival is held at Hamilton Gardens.

Is it free to enter?

Yes it is free to enter all the categories

Do I have to pre register?

No, all registration happens on the day

Are there prizes?

Yes we have prizes for all 1st place winners, and all people that place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) get a certificate

My pumpkins very small should I still enter?

Yes, of course, we have a lot of categories you can enter, and you never know how everyone else’s season went.

Can I enter if I haven’t grown a pumpkin?

We have a bunch of categories that you can enter with a store brought pumpkin. Ideal if your pumpkin died during the season or you want to take part in the Carnival.

All the categories can be found here

Will there be someone there to help lift my pumpkin?

Yes, we will have a team of pumpkin lifters who love lifting pumpkins and weighing them.

What happens if it is raining on the day?

The Great Pumpkin Carnival will still be going ahead if there is rain. *fingers crossed it’s a fine beautiful day*

If it is raining super heavy though, we will cancel prize giving on the day, and post all results on the website and Facebook page, and get in touch with all winners about getting their prizes and certificates to them.