Sarah the Gardener Update

Sarah the Gardener is one of our celebrity growers for 2017, she’s sent through an update of how her pumpkin growing experience has been going so far:

All is not well in the pumpkin patch.  I look at it longingly – willing a giant pumpkin to emerge so I don’t suffer from shame come April.

However, it isn’t looking promising.  In the main pumpkin patch the plants got off to a great start, but the corn part of the the three sisters system I was trying with only two sisters, got pillaged early on by what I believe to be rats or pukekos.  In their rush to get to the corn they stomped all over the pumpkins and they have never really recovered.

I had a separate patch where the chicken coop once was in the hopes that the nutrients found there would result in a giant Giant Pumpkin, but even this is problematic.  There have been loads of flowers for months – but alas only boys.  I blame it on the gloomy weather.  There are certainly enough bees feasting on the goodness in the flowers so when a girl flower does show up she will be well pollinated.  There is always hope and April is still far enough away that I could still end up with a pumpkin, but I’m not sure it will be a giant.   And there is always next year.

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