Pumpkin Racers


Your racer must be no wider than 35cm (350mm) including its wheels to fit down the track.


#1.  Your pumpkin racer must be made with only one pumpkin (store bought is fine)

#2.  Two independent axles must be placed through the pumpkin

#3.  You may not attach your pumpkin onto a pre-fabricated chassis of any kind (skateboard, stroller, Tonka truck, etc.

#4.  No pushing or “helping” your pumpkin down the track, let gravity do its thing



  • Axles can either be metal or doweling
  • For best results make sure both axles are parallel
  • Any sized wheel can be used, just make sure the whole pumpkin racer is within the size limit mentioned above
  • To help prevent the pumpkin going bad, it is advisable to add the wheels and axles the night before or the morning of the carnival

Pumpkin Racer Resized01


Feel free to decorate your pumpkin racer and give it your own personal touch